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Cata Temática: Camino de Santiago


Vine Travel has teamed up with Lavpiés tavern La Nobia to offer you a themed wine tasting and some tapas.

The tasting will lead us along the Camino de Santiago where we stop in 5 appellations to try a variety of red and white wines, exploring much of what Spain has to offer beyond the Tempranillos of Ribera del Duero and Rioja.

We will be tasting 5 wines, each from a different appellation and will be trying three tapas from the menu of La Nobia, a Madrieleñan tavern led by chef Juan Rioja.

Join us for a fun evening, try some new wines and see more of Spain from the comfort of Madrid.

We'll see you in La Nobia: Calle del Salitre, 45, Centro, 28012, Madrid. Estación Lavapiés.

17.04.2024 - €40 pp

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